What scale is it for?

Any scale as long as the boat model is large enough to house the propulsion module, and the weight is below 200 grams. All the examples shown on this WEB site are HO.

What do you sell ?

You can purchase a Propulsion Module alone and build, or modify, a boat model to fit it. Check the ‘Propulsion Module Data’ page for technical details as well as the ‘Boats examples’ page.

We also provide a finely detailed unpainted HO scale 3D printed fishing trawler model already equipped with a Propulsion Module as well as position and cabin lights. Check the ‘Fishing Trawler Model’ page for details.

What is the price?

The price for a propulsion module alone is $299 USD (+tax and shipping). The price for the fishing trawler and its Propulsion Module is $399 USD (+tax and shipping). Both products include the Video Driver software application.

Before purchasing either product, we highly recommend that you watch the tutorials presented on this website to understand the technical requirements and capabilities of the system. Additionally you can download the Video Drive application from the Video Driver App section to verify that it will run properly on your computer.

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