What scale is it for?

Any scale as long as the boat model is large enough to house the propulsion module, and the weight is below 200 grams. All the examples shown on this WEB site are HO.

Is it available?

We are still gauging the demand and gearing up for production.

Do you supply boat models?

No, we only supply the propulsion module and the Video Driver software application. We will be happy to provide information on how the various boat models that we show on the ‘Boat Example’ page were made or modified to accept a propulsion module.

What is the price?

The projected price for a propulsion module is $300 USD (+tax). The Video Driver application is free.

What software can I use to create the video?

Beside the video application that we provide (see the ‘Video Driver App’ page), any graphic software can be used. We can provide you the target pattern required to guide the propulsion module.

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